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Jo-Thor's Dog Trainers' Vocational Academy is recognized for its leadership, innovation, and affiliations with other professional organizations and individuals. A highly respected center for Dog Trainer Education located near Atlanta, Georgia, the school’s operations are continually growing. The need for qualified Dog “Educators” and Trainers is also growing at an ever increasing rate as more people demand certified personnel to assist in the training and resolution of behavioral problems with their treasured pets.

Jo-Thor's Dog Trainers' Vocational Academy is a private vocational school Certified and Approved by the Non-Public Post-secondary Education Commission Act of 1990 in the state of Georgia. The School’s certification is honored throughout the United States as well as internationally. Jo-Thor's Dog Trainers' Vocational Academy has been visited and reviewed pursuant to state standards, and the curriculum is consistent in quality with the curriculum offered by traditional institutions.


Pet Point is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, web-based animal management program.


Pethealth Inc. leading provider of insurance and integrated health related information services to the North American companion animal market.


The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) is a professional organization of individual trainers who are committed to becoming better trainers through education.

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The Paw House is the premier pet friendly lodging property in the Killington Vermont region. Paw House Inn

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We started this website because we were searching for an easy and affordable site to buy a dog training collar, wireless fence and additional dog products that we needed and wanted when it came to training our own dogs.  This site that should help you find the things that YOU need or want to have when you get or have a dog.  There are things for behavior modification, obedience, hunting, and agility training on our site.  Anything that you might need to make your life easier.  That's our goal.



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Dog City Bakery, Marietta GA

Creative Memories,  Stone Mountain GA

Karen - Face Painting

Broadway Diner - Marietta GA

Fresh Market - Marietta GA

Goodyear - Parkaire Shopping Center Marietta GA


Petsmart - Merchants Walk Shopping Center Marietta GA

Heart of Grooming - Acworth GA


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Custom Designed Oak Barrel with Personalized Leather Collar from St. Bernard Keg Company.

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Dog School 101


We love dogs! Our 20 years of training experience will help you to create a great relationship with your dog by teaching obedience and good house manners.  At Dog School 101, we offer several programs to meet your needs and schedule. We hope to have the privilege of training with you soon.   - Sandy and Xalina 

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http://wolfpacks.comLightning and Nimbus enjoy the view along the Pacific Crest Trail

Wolf Packs is a manufacturer of dog equipment which we sell to our customers all over the world. We specialize in producing high quality American-made dog packs for adventurous dogs, and strive to build the finest products available. We also offer many other products which may be of interest to owners of working dogs.

Besides recreational dog gear, Wolf Packs is also one of the largest producers of assistance dog equipment in the world. Our items are used by Service Dogs, Hearing Dogs, Search & Rescue Dogs, police K-9 Dogs, and other working dogs. This line of products can be purchased from our distributors and through dog training organizations.



APHE provides professional development opportunities and networking for educators who promote humane attitudes toward people, animals and the environment.

WellPet Humane is a veterinary clinic that provides quality
medical care at an affordable cost.








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24PetWatch is dedicated to the health, welfare and safe return of your pet, 24/7!

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Welcome to Dog City Bakery!

 dog_treats.gif Hello and welcome to Dog City Bakery at MyDogCity.com! Your source for holistic dog and cat foods, boutique items such as collars, leashes, toys, chews and apparel. Our bakery bakes fresh, all-natural dog treats daily, in addition to cakes and delicious treats for birthdays and special occasions. Check out our inventory online or come by the store to see what we come up with next! 

 Marcia Lain - Pack Leader 4369 Roswell Rd Marietta, GA 30062

770-971-5200    marcia@mydogcity.com

Helps you care for them with products, services, support, and classifieds for guardians of elderly, disabled, and handicapped pets.

The Hart of Grooming00pm)

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After years of having family and friends encourage me to market/sell my artwork, I had one friend that gave that one suggestion to push me on over the edge to branch out and start my own web site.  That suggestion was to start a web site with all the things I have learned over the years about our four legged furry companions.  Art for Paws is my medium to use my art work  to facilitate and promote the value of our companion animals, coupled with tips on their behavior, training, toys and just plain all things dog.  My goals for Art for Paws are to create high quality original artwork for the sale and enjoyment of all who purchase it , while supporting  education for and about our companion animals.  Education is a vital tool for not only enriching our own lives and those of our companion friends, but is also the key to
ending suffering of our homeless four legged friends and reducing the numbers of pets surrendered to shelters every day
(770) 975-9799F

ax (770) 975-9Lisa Doster - www.artforpaws.net 796

At The Hart of Grooming, we strive to provide the absolute best pet care, in a friendly atmosphere of safety, comfort and fun. To ensure peace of mind to you, our customer, we promise to care for pets entrusted to us as if they were our own. It's what we mean when we say: "Stay with The Hart." H













Daffy's Soup Kitchen I was small and had a nervous problem around people.  That may be because of the mean kid that threw rocks at me.  
I stayed with that family for probably three months.  I'm notvery good with time.  I had to sleep outside under a car.  It wasn't very comfortable and I was lonely.  Pretty soon,there wasn't very much food for me anymore.  I had to gofrom house to house trying to find something to eat.  Thenone day, I saw a man working on a house in my neighborhood.  I saw him eating lunch every day.  Eventually, I had to gosay, "Hi."  From that day on I got free lunch and didn't evenhave to work that much.  All I did was bark at the occasionalperson walking by.  My job lasted about  a week and then the job was finished. The man was cleaning up and packing to go home.  It started raining really hard and the man was in the house, so I ran to hide under my car.  Then, all of a sudden, the man ran from the house and got in his truck to leave.  I didn't know what to do. Should I stay? Should I run out to say "goodbye"?  Then I saw the man start to drive away.  I was so sad and depressed.  Then I saw the truck stop.  The door opened, and the man whistled for me to come get in the truck.  I guess he could use my help on another job...."
To read more of Daffy's story and his wonderful organization please click on his picture!   


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